Founded in early 2011, Triumph Management Group, LLC and its subsidiary Triumph Housing Management, LLC (collectively “Triumph”) provide acquisition and third-party fee management services to a number of small and large real estate groups, private equity funds, non-profit entities, cooperative housing communities, and private property owners. Our services not only include property management, but also pre-acquisition consulting, due diligence, market analysis, rent-up, and regulatory compliance.

Headquartered just north of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia, Triumph currently manages approximately 4,400 multi-family units in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. Triumph has experienced tremendous growth since its inception and continues to grow at a rapid pace as more and more Owners seek a better alternative to their current service providers.

Fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit of our co-founders, Triumph offers a customer-centric alternative for Owners and Investors of multi-family real estate assets. Above all, however, our success is the result of a diverse staff of well-trained and highly-skilled professionals including: regional managers, site managers, leasing agents and maintenance personnel, as well as expert accounting, information systems, and compliance personnel.

With our experience of managing a diverse portfolio of multi-family communities, ranging from subsidized housing to affordable conventional properties, our management team is accustomed to designing a unique and specific approach for each community we manage. We implement custom management plans that help us achieve the highest economic occupancy and investment potential that are consistent with well-defined goals for each Owner.

All team members are empowered to use their local market knowledge, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to beat the competition. In addition, our employees work with a sense of urgency and are sensitive to evolving trends; possessing the ability to respond and adapt in order to maintain profitability at each community we manage. In addition, Triumph offers quality and efficient property management services - with the personnel, experience, training, and, above all, strong track record for handling challenging or troubled assets.

With regard to subsidized properties, we understand the importance of quality management and offer our resources, relationships, experience, and talent to your community. Working in partnership with the local HUD office, with solid ties to local government representatives and contractors, we work diligently to exceed Owner expectations by not only enhancing the living experience of each resident, but also anticipating their concerns.

Today’s dynamic real estate market poses many difficulties. Through discipline and focus, Triumph delivers the results our clients expect. Our references are strong and we are proud of the reputation Triumph has earned in the marketplace.